About Us

Some men are destined to live by the freedom of the great outdoors; to heed to this calling and simply throw away all cares and head off into the open road where the wind tells you where to go, the mountains tell you where to turn and the destination tells you when to stop.

Since the mid-70s, businessman Ken Angeles and a handful of his friends have been living this freedom

Every Sunday, they lived a new sub-culture of tires, dust, big bikes and machismo that owned the roads of Davao City and its surrounding territories. Back then, there were no rules, no clear destination, no organized structure, no yesterday and tomorrow. It was a day at a time of pure passion and the love for the ultimate thrill that fueled these men to live their alter egos and pushed them beyond restrictions.

Thus, for ten years, Ken and his iron horse riders introduced
into Davao City a new defi nition of freedom-overdose only the open road can provide.

Into the First Gear

It was in one of their riding bivouacs that the group decided to again push their adventure further. Amidst burning campfire and cans of beer, the idea to transform their small group into an organized riding club jumped into the discussion. And in September, 1987, the On Any Sunday Riders (OASR) was officially christened.

Mileage and Milestone

In 1995, the group went north of the country for its 2nd Aparri Ride that took sixty bikers almost 3,000 kms of open road challenge. This time, the national road conditions were much better but never a bit diminishing the passion and adventure among the bikers that took the long ride.

Into The Big League

OASR rode into prominence by virtue of its destiny. In the mid-90s, founding member Ken Angeles went to Cebu City to participate in one of the major golf tournaments in the country. It was in the same event that he connected with Cebu-based big-bike riding aficionados of the Cycluns group.

That meeting sealed the partnership between Cycluns and OASR and likewise opened the avenue for the Cycluns first ride to Davao City that was hosted by OASR. Shortly after that, OASR, subsequently opened relations with the Thunderbugs of Bacolod.

The MAGNIFICENT EIGHT that bodied the group were as follows:

– Ken Angeles – Romy Magdamo
– Tito Francisco – Peter Carriedo
– Pitt Batu – Wency David
– Bobby Go – Gal Aguilar

Until now, they continue to form the pillars that hold OASR up and ever stronger, given its growing membership. These eight tough riders always serve as the inspiration for all succeeding members of the organization since then until today.

Picking Up Speed

In 1988, and barely a year after OASR was formed, the young group was already attracting membership from prominent Davao City businessmen in the following:

– Jimmy Gomez – Pepito Mac
– Jimboy Halili – Rene Maglalang
– Elmer Ong – Peter Piccio
– Caloy Acosta – Bong Tan
– Paul Larrabaster – Jimmy Ang
– Toto Laingo

Each person carried with him the same drive and determination to live the freedom of an open-road adventure. With each ride, the group became bigger and somehow the roads became narrower as the road trips became bolder.

As the group thickened with the addition of new members, the need for a more defi ned organization became apparent. Rules and guidelines were needed to be established if OASR had to survive the next decades. And so in 1992, the draft of the group’s by-laws and constitution was put in place. OASR now was a complete and fully organized riding entity.